Just got home from an all day trip at Primary’s. With the price of gas it is getting too expensive to go up for just a single appointment, so we are trying to combine appointments.

Our Monday in a nutshell:

Parker weighs in. Down yet ANOTHER .5 of a pound.

Reed and I glance over at each other and our hearts sink.

First we saw our ENT, who would like Parker to get new tubes in his ears. He’ll be on the dance card for the same surgery date for Parker’s teeth cleaning, oral xrays, etc. Reflux has really done a number on the Brave Hero’s poor teeth.

Next a visit with the new sleep specialist. Drug up Parker’s 80 pound vent and humidifier to do a mini-vent titration. Gee. Whadda ya know. Parker’s vent settings need to be bumped up a notch…..or four. But it was really hard to get a decent reading as if Parker isn’t asleep when the vent is on he pulls it off.


Had blood drawn.

X-rays taken.

Spilled formula all over Reed’s shoes while trying to feed Parker in the middle of a busy lobby with everyone wanting to stop and look at the kid getting fed through the hole in his stomach.

Our fun filled schedule for the month of September.

9.04.08: Sleep Study

9.24.08: Scope of Parker’s bowel from his bottom side up. He is still having significant amounts of bleeding via his mucus stoma and his tush. Something isn’t right, and we need to find out what.

Here is where I should be listing Parker’s ear tube surgery and teeth cleaning surgery.

But, WAIT! Our insurance doesn’t cover dental. Silly me. For some reason since this was going to be a surgery deal with Parker needing to be put totally out, I just figured it would be a hospital thing……and at least covered by my insurance company’s usual miserly amount.

Uh. Nope.

Sometime soon, I’d love to come home from one of these day trips and report that Parker’s health is significantly improved. The doctor’s are excited and encouraged! And there are plans for weaning Parker off of his oxygen and zillion medications.

AND that we didn’t have to rummage through the couch cushions to find enough lost change to be able to put a the necessary gallons of gas in the tank for the hour drive up to PCMC.

Today isn’t that day.


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