Flying high with a little sensory input

Last week a friend dropped off an indoor hammock/swing set up for Parker. Her kids had outgrown it, and knowing how much Parker loves to swing my friend figured he’d love an opportunity to be able to fly through the air indoors.


I was excited for another reason too. For Parker, swinging provides needed sensory input that calms him down and chases away his desire to act like squirrel bait during homeschooling time.

Take today for example. As we began lessons Parker went Goofball on me. argh. You would be amazed at how much time can be wasted because of Goofball status.


After about 5 minutes I decided to put him in the hammock and slowly let him swing/sway back in forth to the tune of Mozart’s greatest hits.


A few songs later and we were back at work.


There are other things that work too. Like massaging Parker’s feet. Beginning with light pressure and building up to the highest level of pressure Parker can tolerate.

But that’s also a good way to get socked in my nose. Because Parker HATES it.

He LOVES the hammock though.

And so do I.

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  1. I am so jealous! We’re getting ready to make a sensory room for the girls. I’m ordering bean chairs, a mini trampoline and giant ball first.

    I side with Parker on the foot massage. I jerk around like I’m having a seizure when I have a pedicure. Bear has kicked me in the nose a few times just putting her socks on.
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    • I don’t think I would have ever thought of purchasing one on my own. But boy am I glad we have it. It is so fun to have Parker come up to us, sign ‘swing’ and walk towards his safe room.

      Next I’m going to use it to see if I can get him to fall asleep at a decent hour.

      And hugs for you. I’m so sorry about your Dad.

  2. 2nd Daughter, 3rd kid says:

    Ooooo….can this be Parker’s time out place too??? I like that idea! ;-)

  3. you take the best pictures, but it helps that Parker is so cute!

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