Fireworks Craft and Fine Motor Activity

Is it hot where you live?  We are hitting 95 today, which for me translates into melting.  Parker doesn’t do well in the heat, so on days like today we have to get him outside early.  On today’s agenda?  A Fireworks craft and fine motor activity!

Using koosh balls for art

I’m not sure what these balls are called.  Prickly balls?  Koosh balls?  I dunno.  But I find them at Waldo World all the time, and sometimes even at the Dollar Store.  They are the PERFECT size for reinforcing a pincher grip…….AND they are a sensory seeker’s delight!

The original idea was for me to have Parker dip a ball into the paint and then into some glitter, but somebody swiped the glitter.  I won’t go into detail, but I’m betting she has blue eyes and blonde hair.  ahem.

So we skipped the glitter and the craft still turned out perfectly!

craft paint

Parker simply picked up a ball, then using his perfect pincher grip his OT still swears he doesn’t have, popped it on the black paper as we said and signed ‘fireworks.’  Parker tends to adore anything with the word BOOM! in it.

painting with balls

Our version of ‘paint balls’, heh.


fireworks craft with koosh balls

I LOVE having this easel outside.  It doesn’t matter how much of a mess is made, I just hose the sucker down and we are good to go.  Oh, the fun I have planned for this.

fireworks craft

How cool is this?

Since it is kind of hard to take pictures and dodge loaded paint balls, I didn’t get any pictures of Parker actually participating in this activity.  I do have a picture of the clean up though.  We just threw the kid in the pool!

a little boy with down syndrome playing in his pool


This activity would also be great with a bigger piece of paper (think the paper teachers use on bulletin boards) and the allowing the kids to throw the balls to make the fireworks.  But as a recovering ‘hucker’ I figured letting Parker throw these for an art project would more than likely come back to bite me in the bite some day soon.

Just keepin’ it real, boys and girls.

Have you heard about our efforts to get Parker into some intense therapy at Now I  Parker has a lot of friends offering their support in the form of a Yard Sale Fundraiser!




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  1. Kerry says:

    I love this one!!!! It will be great for my son… I have to dig through my craft BINS and see what I have that maybe Parker can use. I use to work in 2 different craft stores and I have tons of stuff!! Is there anything you are looking for or need? I may have it. I have no problem shipping what I have to you guys…

  2. oh Junior loves making fireworks using the koosh balls. We actually use water yoyos for ours. They look like koosh balls but have water in the center and bounce a little more. parkers turned out cute, I need to do these again with Junior as the 4th of July gets closer.

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