Fine motor skill activities on the light table.

Parker’s first learning session each morning rolls in at 7:30 a.m. with his teacher.  They work for a half an hour and then it’s time for Parker’s cares.  TWO hours of cares later and Parker is ready for more time in his little classroom.  I try to make the first item on the list his fine motor skill activities.  Cutting.  Writing his name.  Strength training for his fingers to help him with his signing. His all time favorite though is working on fine motor skill activities on the light table.

fine motor activities

Yesterday we started with a clear tray that was divided into four sections.  I picked it up at Smith’s and am kicking myself for not picking up a couple of more.  I really worry each time I think about spending money and tend to walk away from items that I could use thinking that I’ll come back when it’s on clearance or I’ll find one at a yard sale.

Light Table Play

Except, you know, I never do.

It’s not like these are expensive things, but on a budget such as ours, even a couple of bucks adds up.

Back on topic now.

I marked one square ‘green’ and one square ‘red’.  Parker then sorted by color.  After a few minutes of this I then added a purple square and a orange square.  This works on reviewing colors and that pincher grip as well as the crossing over midline that for some reason he hates to much.

Light Table Activities

Next we sorted by size.  I marked a square ‘small green’, ‘small red’, ‘large green’ and ‘large red.’

I love how seriously Parker takes his education.

Parker Hodson

He works so hard.

Finally, we messed around with some window clings on the light table.  These are about a buck and a half regular price, but I see them all the time after the season marked down to about a quarter.  I added in some pom poms for an extra bit of sensory input.

window clings on the light table

After working on fine motor skills we move on to letters, sounds, numbers, etc.  This kid would hang out working in his school room all day if I let him.

What kind of things are you doing at home with your kids?  Do you do any school work during the vacation time to help keep skills sharp?

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