Even if the rest never follows.

Sometimes the once upon a time me sneaks up and reminds the me in the present of goals set and dreams  once dreamt.   She reminds me that debt and doctors and pulmonary hypertension were never supposed to be part of our future, and that when my kids finally reached they age they have I would enter into the time that would be known as mine.

For the last year I’ve hoped  the internet might  provide a way for me to bring in a bit of extra income.   The  sometimes paycheck and recognition my writing has brought in has been nice.  While maybe not consistent, it’s been very welcome.

Working at his light table.

I’ve searched the web over for something I could do while still tending to an often sick child. One eye on my laptop and the other on the sat monitor during another all nighter while sitting in the sweats I pulled on three days ago.

It takes a lot of time online to market yourself.  Hours of each day. Precious moments that once gone can never be had again.  I’m finding that the more time I spend trying to land a paying gig, the more frustrated I’m becoming.

I’m noticing that I’m spending less time on the things that matter most.

Today I remembered  the title of a book I once saw:  “Do What You Love And The Rest Will Follow”

Luckily most of my loves can be found right here at home.  Many centering around a certain Brave Hero that needs his Mom to be focused on him instead of so focused on an online job.

Our family motto.

So, I’m going to go back to the things that are most important.

Perhaps there will be time later to work on political campaigns and make it big on the internet.

And if there isn’t, it really doesn’t matter.

Doing what I love will be enough.  Even if the rest never follows. 

www.prayingforparker.com There is only one smile like this in all the world.  Each time I see it I’m reminded of what’s really important in life.

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About Tammy and Parker

Special Needs Blogger, and homeschooling Mom, heavily involved in advocacy for all kids with special needs in Utah.


  1. Rebecca Black says:

    Thank you. Beautiful. Choked me up. I am glad that you write.

    • Tammy and Parker says:


      Thank you so very much. I can’t think of a better compliment. xoxo

  2. Loved this. So true…sometimes life just takes you down a different path than the one you’d expected.

  3. Tammy-sometimes you just have to back off the keyboard and get your perspective back again. I’m glad you are able to do that. People often times don’t realize how hard the few people that are making money at blogging or social media are working. It is by no means easy! Most of us started as a way to share our lives and you are so good at that! I know you are really struggling with so much right now but you have a lot of love and support coming your way!
    Barb recently posted..Our Family is Expanding By One More Bronco’s FanMy Profile

    • Tammy and Parker says:


      How much do I love YOU? :0)

      I know how hard you work, girlie. Reed and I have talked about me doing something irl, but the pesky thing about me never getting out of the house keeps coming up. sigh.

      I’ve just decided that the Universe must just have other plans for me.

      I gotta have faith.

  4. Even though you may not be making a ton of money, you have to know how much you’re helping other people. I believe that’s bigger in God’s eyes than a paycheck. You’re also helping a little boy that desperately needs you and your strength – I admire what you are going through. Your patience and kindness is so transparent. Keep up your great works and the money will follow.
    jenny – Sugar Loco recently posted..Carlo’s Bake Shop {New Jersey}My Profile

  5. I am going through the exact same thing you are!!!! For some reason my work has really dropped lately, with no explanation and I feel like I have to start all over again.

    All that time away from my family and things I enjoy.
    Marina K. Villatoro recently posted..Islets of Granada, Nicaragua – Photo EssayMy Profile

  6. I understand and am hearing this more and more. I made peace with the fact that the blogging was my therapy–writing and getting it all out helps so much. The perks that come along the way are nice but not my motivation. Sending you strength for whatever comes each day.
    Desiree recently posted..Money or Sex–Which Would You Pick?My Profile

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