Embracing a blessing when you get one…..

No big decisions have been made yet.

Although we do have an OR date on October 3rd.

Even though we don’t know what exactly will be happening.

Trying to talk to talk to doctors individually is nuts.  So I asked our most wonderful of Pedi’s to step in on Parker’s behalf.  She ganders much more respect than this simple Mama.  She knows Second Opinion Pulmo and tends to agree with her assessment.

So, we are in holding mode until further notice.

Instead of focusing on all the unknowns that have been flying around our Brave Hero these days, I’ve decided to try and focus on the here now.  This may seem simple to some, however to me it is hard work.  Worry comes much more naturally.  I know some of you understand where I’m coming from.

For those of you that don’t.  Consider yourselves blessed.   I hope to get to where you are one day.  But it’s almost like trying to address such a core part of you have always been.   It’s although I need to realign my DNA.

I have other kids who need a functional Mama.   Ones that even though they are taller than I am need someone to be an active part of their lives.

That’s one of the reasons I’m working so hard on this.  I’ve even engaged the help of an amazing therapist to help me make my way.  She’s there to pick me up and encourage me to work through the road blocks even though my first inclination is to withdraw from the world in general.


Here and now this beautiful youngest son of mine is doing so well.


To miss out on the JOY that is in this very minute because of worry about the future would be such a loss.


The health and happiness that we have right now is a blessing.

A blessing that I choose to embrace. Right now.


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