Eight entire seconds.



We spent most of last week in a doctor’s office.  Odds are we’ll be doing the same thing this week.

We only needed an 8 second sinus MRI.  Eight seconds.  Eight blinks.  One breath in.  One breath out.

And my kid simply couldn’t hold still for that long.

I tried a dose of Benadryl and three hours worth of strolling a Hero all over the hospital.  Finally, the eyes closed.  Houston, we had sleep.

As soon as we placed that bony little body back up on the MRI table,  immediately those eyeballs popped open and the message was clear.  Nice try, Mom. 

Now we go up to PCMC and have a sedated MRI.  Complete with an anesthesiologist and a 1 hour prep time along with another hour recovery time.   For an eight second look at the snot we can’t get to clear up in Parker’s nose.

We are also waiting for the OR to be scheduled for an ABR, tube replacement, BRAVO, biopsies, sinus clean out and tooth cleaning.

The poop is back.  I guess I got excited too soon.  Things were going great for a few days and suddenly we were right back at square 1.  This stinks in more ways than one.

In other news, we are moving Parker out of his ‘safe room’ into the larger room next door.  We are hoping to be able to fit Parker’s bed, zillions of pieces of medical equipment AND another  twin sized bed for either Reed or I to sleep on.

Believe it or not, sleeping on a beat up mattress thrown onto the floor every night is simply not as exciting as it used to be.

The ‘safe room’ will become Parker’s new home school room.  He has a teeny home school room down stairs which has been nice.  But we’ve outgrown that.  Plus being down stairs so much when the washer and dryer and all the other things that need daily doing are upstairs made for a good excuse to be lazy and sometimes not finish up lessons.  Having everything upstairs should help with that.

I’m determined to give the simple life a much harder try.  I’m discovering that I  can’t put the attention into Parker that he needs if I am trying so hard to make money online.

So it’s time to exercise my faith and believe that we’ll be able to make it on Reed’s salary alone.

Hopefully this peaceful feeling I have will stick around when our washing machine gives up the ghost…..again.

There is a relationship to Parker’s health and how long I spend on line.  And an even bigger relationship to meeting Parker’s educational goals and how long I spend on line.

My first responsibility is to this littlest of Hodson boys.

Parker is my job.


Luckily I love my job. Not many people can say that, eh?


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