Down on Parker’s Farm….

We hung out at my parent’s house on Memorial Day.

I love hanging out my parent’s house.

The company, the food, the whole day….simply wonderful.

My parents own almost 6 acres out in the boonies.


This is the view from their back deck. My Dad is HUGELY into Ham Radio. He has other, smaller wire towers that you can’t see in this picture. Half of my parent’s basement is filled with Ham Radio gear and my Dad’s Ham set up.


My parents also garden. Their garden is big enough to grow all of our potatoes for us and about half of our onions. I trade them some of our specialty squash and tomatoes. It’s works out well.


Part of Monday’s menu. ‘Twas delicious.

Later in the afternoon we headed down to my parent’s neighbors to visit the goats and chickens.


Oh, but how I would love to have something like this in my backyard. Part of it houses the goats, the other is where the chickens go to roost.


Parker, Rigel and Ozzie.


Notice Rigel’s hair? He thought he test the waters and came home with a Mohawk the other day. I was pretty impressed with Reed’s self control when he spied what #4 had done to his head.  Reed not only let Rigel live, he simply shook his head and walked out of the room.

Everyone else was rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.


Well, the whole idea of being ‘Legit with a ‘hawk’, didn’t work out quite as Rigel had planned.

So he and his friends decided to shave his head instead.

With not a few totally bald spots thrown in for interest. It was pretty bad.

Okay. It was terrifying.

But we tried not to destroy his self esteem with jokes and giggles.

Okay. So we totally engaged in the jokes and giggles while HOPING we didn’t do too much damage to Rigel’s self esteem.


But I digress…..


I was so thrilled at Parker’s curiosity and desire to get up close and personal with the goats and chickens. For Parker this was HUGE.


I love this picture. LOVE it.


My Mom, McCall, Parker, and their new BFFs……..the chickens!


Rigel and Kenny ended the visits with a few trips down the zip line. As an added incentive to hand on tight, this line flies over a creek.

A rather deep creek.

Here Rigel is giving Kensley some last minute advice.


And off she went!

And I’m off to the garage to (hopefully!) get Parker’s second piece of furniture painted and ready for the big move this weekend.  It’s taken forever to get these two items done.  But I think it will all be worth it in the end.

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  1. My kids LOVE playing with chickens, too. I can’t seem to convince my husband that getting our own chickens would be a good idea.

    • Paige,

      My Dad was all ready to buy a chicken tractor, I had the pullets picked out…

      and then I talked with Parker’s Pulmo who nearly fainted when I mentioned chickens in the backyard.

      Guess chicks and trashed lungs do not a good mix make.


  2. Only half?

    Beautiful barn – more barn envy here, too.

    Thanks for the Parker fix! (Even better with his siblings.)

  3. Wow Parker how cool you got to see all those animals so close. That looks like a great place to visit.

  4. Oh I just love these pictures. Parker petting the goat and chicken…love love LOVE! Thank you for posting these, they warm the heart!

  5. Oh..barn envy here too! i have the chickens and goats and garden, but i want a barn like that!! Absolutely beautiful.

    Looks like a fantastic day for everyone. The scenery is breathtaking! Love those mountains in the background.

    My dad is really into Ham Radio too!! Growing up, our basement was always off limits…it was his ham radio room. We had the huge towers in the backyard and he use to upset all the neighbors because it would mess the tv signal whenever he was on. hee hee. Good memories.

    Parker looks so sweet reaching for the goat. :) Good post, thanks for sharing. :)


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