Doing the Potty Dance

I can remember, several years ago, before Parker was born, a dear friend of mine lamenting about trying to toilet train her son with Down syndrome who wasn’t too much younger than Parker is now. Don’t worry, I tried to reassure her.  He’ll get it.  It shows how sweet of a friend she was that she didn’t haul off and smack me one.  Little did I know then that I’d one day be in her shoes praying for Parker to master the potty dance himself.

Being born with an IA, we were told by a surgeon that the chances of Parker ever having a normal bowel movement were slim to nil.  Like hell, I remember thinking.  I refuse to allow anyone to define what my son will and won’t be able to accomplish.

potty dance

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Eleven years later, and we are closer to complete toileting success than ever.  Eleven?  Yeah, I can hear you asking what I’ve been doing all these years.  Between the IA, the Ulcerative Colitis, and the mile long streak of stubborn this kid inherited from his dad, I almost started to believe that we’d never get to this point.

But, last night not only did Parker put all his stuff in the potty, he did his very own version of the Potty Dance to let me know he needed to go.


Parker’s version of the Potty Dance is pretty unique, if not too terribly flashy.  It’s quickly becoming my favorite dance of all.

Here’s how Parker does his Potty Dance.


He walks into the bathroom and stands in front of the toilet looking from the toilet to the door until someone comes in to help him.    I can see you rolling your eyes out there.  People.  This is HUGE.  HUGE I tell you.  The kid has decided that putting all his waste in the toilet is so important that he is taking the lead to getting it there.   Yes, by standing up, getting my attention, and walking himself to the toilet, my kid is speaking VOLUMES.

We still have a ways to go.  Like convincing Parker that he can accomplish all the steps on his own.  I have no doubt he’ll master it all soon.  Until then this incredible kid and I will continue celebrating the Potty Dance, Parker style.

How old was your child with special needs when they became toilet trained?

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