DIY Transparencies for a Classroom Light Table

One of the best purchases I have ever made for Parker’s Learning Room has been a classroom light table.  We use it for  many things:

*Fine motor skill activities

*Sensory play

*Jelly Marbles

DIY Transparencies for the Light Table 2

My newest adventure is making DIY transparencies. I’ve created transparencies for use with overhead projectors a million times, why not for a light table?  My hope was to be able to add a gorgeous depth to a picture that I would usually simply print off for a lesson.

I purchased a box of inkjet transparencies.   They are easy to use.  There are also laser transparencies.  Make sure that you choose the proper transparencies for your printer.

Transparency Film

You load your inkjet printer with the transparency’s white strip going in first, and the bumpy side that accepts the ink (at least on my printer, yours may vary) facing forward.  Hit print and viola’ a new  classroom light table experience has been created!


DIY Transparencies for the Classroom Light Table

Transparency on top of a piece of white card stock.  You can see the white strip I was talking about on the left hand side of the transparency.   Photo Credit:  Life of Sea.

DIY Transparency on the Classroom Light Table
The shark transparency in all it’s glory on our classroom light table. I loved how the teeth, and gills showed up so well!   Photo Credit:  Life of Sea

Parker loved it!  Having the light shine through from the light table added a dimension that really brought this photo to life.  You can purchase transparencies online, but I like having control over exactly what I need to meet an educational objective for Parker.  I’ll be making lots more transparencies in the future!

How do you help to make your child’s learning experiences more realistic?   What are your favorite ways to use a light table in a classroom or at home?  Share your ideas in the comments section below!

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