Communication Boards: A Budget Friendly, DIY Version.

While looking online for for a communication board for Parker I found prices as high as $75.00


Here’s a budget friendly, simple DIY version.

Cause in my world cheap is good.

Very good.

Today I wanted to show you a quick and inexpensive way to create a book to store PECS in.


This is made from a day planner. Found one of these for .50 at a yard sale.

Look closely. The part of the day planner that once was used to close the planner has been cut off.


The cut ends have been sealed with back electricians tape. You could use duct tape too. It was just nice to have black tape to use.


The portion you cut off, the portion with the velcro already on, becomes the communication strip.


The pages were cut to size from stiff card stock and then laminated.


Then velcro strips were added to each laminated page.


The pictures were made by using BoardMaker. Having only a black and white printer, many of the pictures are just quickly colored in by hand.

Quick. Easy. Cheap.

But best of all………IT WORKS!

So……what are some of YOUR DIY therapy creations? Parker and I wanna know!  If you’ve blogged about it, feel free to leave a link to that post in the comments section!

PS: If you don’t have your own copy of BoardMaker, head over to 5 Minutes For Special Needs to enter to win a FREE copy of BoardMaker Studio!

Who loves ya, Baby?


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