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Ugh. Woke up today with more snow and my head feeling like it is about to explode. I need sunshine, and my garden, and a really powerful decongestant. sigh.

But while I’m waiting for Spring to come I thought I’d share with you what we’ve been doing in the kitchen lately.


You start with some fresh asparagus and cauliflower.


Toss ‘em ( I did each item separately) into the steamer insert of your pan,and steam until tender.Then I used my magic bullet to puree my cauliflower and asparagus.

Two things to remember:

    Don’t try and puree the stems of the cauliflower. By the time the stems are tender the flower part of the cauliflower is mush. blech. When the cauliflower blossoms were tender I just separated them from the stem and hucked them into my Magic Blender.
    You will need some sort of liquid if you are wanting to puree your veggies to a level one baby food, which is Pakrer’s consistency of choice. I use chicken broth a lot, and sometimes I’ll use a little extra virgin olive oil.


The final step is to scoop your veggies into an ice cube tray and freeze. Once frozen I transfer the ‘veggie’ cubes into a plastic bag.

When it is time to feed Parker I’ll warm up his veggies with some organic butter and lots of seasonings.

I’ve been dreaming of a Vita-Mix to help in Parker’s food making experiences. Vita Mix makes a blender which is the gold standard for Mom’s creating menus for their kids with g-tubes.

I even went so far as to write the Vita-Mix company asking for them to offer up product for a review/giveaway for 5 Minutes For Special Needs. But that was a no-go.


The sky is the limit when it comes to making your own baby food. Today’s menu included red lentils and spinach.

Parker loved it. And what didn’t go down hatch went down the g-tube.

Making your own baby food. It’s a good thing.

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  1. I did this as well for Tucker for a while, while we blended his stuff. He never took it by mouth though. We blended it up to put it down the tube due to aspiration. As soon as we could eat by mouth he took everything in bites. :) He loves salad!!

  2. At the moment Junior is on the keto diet but as soon as he is off of it I will be blending everything for his gtube. No more icky extremely high fat formula.
    Parker is getting a very healthy diet, looks great.

  3. I hope you are feeling better soon!
    I always thought I would make baby food for Ben, but never did consistently. You are doing some wonderful things for Parker’s health, giving him such fresh yummy food.

  4. My four year old had a PEG tube till he was 18 months old. Now because of the tube he has oral defensiveness. It’s so hard to get him to eat anything. He’s four yet weighs only 25lbs. Where do you get your recipes. I’d like to make some of this type of food to hide in the food i can actually get into his mouth.

  5. Those Vita-Mix’s are very cool but ever so pricey…They do offer up ones at discount prices for moms with kiddos that are tube fed..Not sure of the exact details off the top of my head as its been a while since it was discussed on one of my special needs groups…..Still outta my reach but just thought you’d like to know….

    There is also an awesome blenderized tube feed group on yahoo chalked full of fun/inventive ideas for feeding our tubie kiddos…..

    I blend up Jophies about every 3 days…..I’m using one of those little food choppers so I boil his proteins till they are very tender and same with the veggies so they blend/chop well. I always toss in pumpkin puree because its a great bowel moving food. I get about 3 days out of what I whip up……

    His last meal:
    Roasted Chicken, potatoes, carrots, pumpkin puree, green beans, mandarin oranges, mandarin orange juice! Mmmm!

    A meal fit for a little Prince ;0)

    If your interested in the blenderized group just let me know and I’ll toss you the link…


  6. Trina, I’m interested in the link.

  7. I’ve been making Luke’s food, with the Vita Mix, which happens to be borrowed from my sister, for about 4 years now. I make it about once a month and freeze it in gallon freezer Ziploc bags. It’s a huge amount of work but so worth the fact that Luke has been pretty healthy for the most part, except for the last month.


  8. You know, I will still buy some of the banana baby food for me to eat. Oh, I love the dutch apple as well! :)

  9. Janessa says:

    You’re such a great mom! You make your own food! OMGosh!

  10. Wow! Great crowd here! I’m just dropping in to say I DID make baby food for both of ours….over a decade ago. Used ice cube trays, too!

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