Dehydrating Pumpkins

We’ve harvested the winter squash and pumpkins.

FIFTEEN Pumpkins to be exact.

Not too shabby considering the teeny space my kids refer to as ‘the farm’ while rolling their eyes.

Most years I have pureed my pumpkins and then frozen them.  It’s a great technique.  But with using this year’s pumpkins in Parker’s blenderized diet I wanted an option that made blending time a little bit easier.

Enter the newest love of my life…….my dehydrator.

First, I cut and gutted my pumpkin.


Next I placed both halves of the pumpkin in a pan with a small amount of water to help them steam.


When the pumpkins are done they scrape out of the shells really easily. I didn’t need to actually puree these. I just stirred them really well. This is where you could put the pumpkin in a bag and freeze it.


This is about half of the pumpkin plopped on the dehydrator tray.


I covered the pumpkin with a sheet of parchment paper and rolled it out. When dehydrating you want to make sure everything has a pretty even thickness.

Except I made a rookie mistake.


I rolled this stuff out WAY TOO THIN.

So thin that…..


……when it was dehydrated, trying to remove it from the tray was a giant pain in the patoot.


I put all the dehydrated pieces into a canning jar. Later I’ll put them all into the VitaMix and blend them into a powder. That will make it much easier to measure out a serving for Parker’s blenderized diet.

And did you know that making a pie from dehydrated pumpkin powder is pretty easy?


But let me link to you a pro to show you how.

I’ll be be spending some time at her site picking up some times on how to better dehydrate pumpkins.

Cause, in case you don’t remember, I still have 14 more of the suckers to put up.

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  1. Who would have thought you could dehydrate pumpkins? I had a friend ask me about canning pureed pumpkin, wasn’t sure how to tackle that.

  2. Jackie, most books don’t recommend canning pumpkin. However I’ve read of those who can the pumpkins in chunks and THEN puree it before they use it. I guess the actual pumpkin puree is too dense to safely can?

    I think I would freeze my pumpkin rather than can it though. But I’m a huge chicken. :)

  3. I am too lazy. *nuff said*

  4. Joanne Raz says:

    My special needs child loves to feel included in my family’s activities as much as possible. This great resource has helpful advice and ideas on how to include your special needs child in family meal time. I thought you’d like to look it over.

  5. I just came across your site while I was looking for pumpkin dehydrating tips. I just got my first dehydrator and it is the one you have. I’m so excited to have it and can’t wait to start using it. We are getting so much garden produce right now so it was perfect timing. I would love to hear about other things that yu are dehydrating and how they are working for you. I am trying to provide healthier meals and snacks for my family but on a really tight budget and little time so i’m very interested in any ideas you have. I have greatly enjoyed looking through your site. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Handful says:

    Tammy and Parker, you are absolutely correct. The viscosity of pureed pumpkin is too dense to guarantee reaching 240* while PC. I can mine in chunks as you suggested.

    I did not know you could make pie from pumpkin powder. Thanks! However the link did not come through for me. Nor did your photos.


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