Dear Sargent Steam

Dear Sargent Steam,

I know this is a long shot. But to be honest, the last 6.5 years of my life have been filled with long shots. Some worked out. Some didn’t.

But nothing would ever have been accomplished without first opening up a dialogue.

So, I’m opening. I hope you’re reading.

Six and a half years ago Parker was born.  Since then he’s had more surgeries than I can count.

An Ostomy bag.


Chronic Lung Disease

Two holes in his heart.

A G-tube

A trach

A vent

An extra chromosome.  Which, if truth be know, we are kind thankful for. It makes Parker……Parker.

And the worst of all…….Pulmonary hypertension.

Because of both the Pulmonary Hypertension, the chronic lung disease, and his overall lack of health, Parker lived the first 3+ years in what we call our Safe Room. This is the room where we keep Parker’s vent, pulse ox monitor, feeding machine, emergency trach supplies, etc. The rest of the time he spent in the PICU of our local hospital.

He’s received school services here at home, with me supplementing with homeschooling.

But now the question of sending him to school has come up. Not school as we typically know it. But an hour a day in a room by himself. A room that others would use when Parker wasn’t using it.  This way he could receive the amount of speech therapy he needs.

A room that would have to be cleaned in depth each time Parker used it. A clean that simple sprays and disinfecting wipes can’t handle.

I’ve had several steam cleaners in the past. They’ve all died. I prefer steam as it doesn’t come with the intense fumes that many cleaning products come with. Fumes that have a negative affect on Parker’s already weak lungs.

It’s the importance of being in a clean environment for Parker that I’m writing to you.


I often send proposals to brands inquiring if they would like to work together. I’ve worked with Hallmark, Melissa and Doug, Step 2, Shirley J, Blue Bunny Ice Cream, Voice4U, Activeion Pro, and other great brands reviewing their products for our readers.

You can see some of the other brands I’ve worked with by looking to the right of this page. Our latest Sponsor is ablenet. They provide Switch Adapted Toys for kids with disabilities. Masimo provides Parker a pulse ox monitor and the probes that go with it.

I’d like to invite you to be a Sponsor for Parker. One that would help us insure the cleanest environment for our Brave Hero possible. Especially on the days he goes to school. I could clean the room before Parker used it each time. The other days I could use it at home to help keep Parker healthy.

In return, Parker and I would proudly host your business button AND we would blog once a month about our experiences with your product. Both our Twitter and Facebook reach is wide….and growing each and every day. Our blog receives over 30,000 unique hits a months and is also growing.

I’m sure the fact that the special needs niche represents a TRILLION dollars spending capability couldn’t hurt either. See, parents of kids with special needs have a soft spot in their hearts for businesses who take the time to advertise directly to them.

More than anything, those of us who have medically fragile kids want a dependable way to help keep our kids healthy. Sargent Steam fits the bill to perfection.

Parker and I are willing to put together a campaign for you that will blow your socks off.

What do you say?



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