Dealing with Food Inflation

One of my big goals during the holidays is to stock up on all the great grocery deals.  Well, at least it was when there were great grocery deals during the holidays.  It was disappointing to see that turkeys never really went down to the low prices of previous years.  Each time my Mom and I make a Costco run, we discover several items that have gone up in price.  It’s time for me to sit down and do some thinking about dealing with food inflation in 2014.


I know some people who won’t spend over $1.00 for meat.  Honestly, I’d be hard pressed to get hot dogs at this price.  Maybe canned tuna, and canned chicken during the case lot sales,  but nobody in my house will touch tuna or canned chicken.  Looking at the meat that is on sale in my area right now and four stars GREAT deals include:

Jennie O Ground Turkey @ 1.59 a pound

Pork Loin Roast bone in @ 1.49 a pound

Ground beef @ 2.99 a pound

Beef Sirloin Tip Roast @ 2.97

So much for that $1.00 a pound thing.

I can stretch my ground beef and ground turkey with beans, but I can’t serve beans in their easily recognized form.

Except for chicken and noodle soup I can’t serve soups.

I’m going to re-do my grocery price point list. 

The only way for me to do this and still stay within our paying off debt and being able to afford Parker budget is to make changes in other areas. 

  • I’m working on a bread recipe for oat bread.  I have a TON of oats on hand.  It only makes sense to use those up and save money by crossing off any and all store bought bread on my list.
  • Pay exceedingly close attention to sales and coupons for non-food items such as tooth paste, garbage bags, TP, etc.  There are good deals for these items with Subscribe and Save via Amazon and Amazon Mom.  However this requires using a credit card and just the thought of using the credit card, even if I pre-pay on it, makes Reed exceedingly stabby.
  • I’m hoping to find a deal a month that is so good, with prices so low, that I can stock up on it for at least 6 months to a year, and then add the money I would have spent on that item each month to the pot of being able to buy a year’s supply of another item.
  • I’m a bit of an egg snob.  I hate the cheaper eggs with the anemic looking yokes and MUCH prefer free range eggs.  These eggs run over $4.00 a dozen at the health food store.  I’ve found a friend that will sell me 2 dozen eggs a week from her backyard chickens at a cost of $2.50 a dozen.  Still expensive?  Yes.  Can you really tell the difference.  You bet you can.
  • Source out new purchasing avenues.  There is a small, family run from home, place close to us that used to sell mostly food storage stuff.  Now they are bringing in produce seconds that might not look perfect, but taste great.  I picked up a case of apples for .88 cents a pound.  Score!  I also picked up a 25 pound of short brown rice for less than the same thing from Costco.

homemade french fries

Homemade fries made from home grown spuds!

  • Go without.  Yup.  You read that right.  Just say no.  Walk away.  Figure out something else.  This last go around with having to appeal to regain coverage of Parker’s feeding supplies really scared me.  I don’t believe it will end there either.  States are scrambling to cut costs.

fresh greens


And you know what?  That’s okay.

Our family is blessed with a warm, safe home, a job, lots of love and so much more.

We can do this.

What are you doing to deal with food inflation.  Are you noticing price increases in your area?



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  1. FunMumX3 says:

    I increase ground beef by adding at least a cup of ground up broccoli per pound of beef. When cooked in with the beef it never even shows and I don’t have to be pestering the kids to eat more veggies. Also works with sweet potato and green or yellow zucchini which I shred and freeze. Basically any veggie that doesn’t have a strong taste. Packs way more nutrition than hamburger fillers and I’ll bet you have a store of frozen veg from your wonderful garden!

    And let’s just say it as it is… less farty than too many beans :) I love me a good bean but fart jokes are getting a little old in this house.

  2. Christine says:

    Have you tried substituting lentils instead.

    My other thought would be talking to restaraunts like Panara or somewhere like that and seeing if at the end of the day they would consider giving you the day old stuff. They have to throw most of it away and it is perfectly good food. The food network just did a special on it. There are people who pay nothing for food. They are called Freegans and get everything that can not be sold for whatever reason and eat it. There are some Freegans websites that are very good and give some good ideas.

    • I know lots of stores here that give what they have at the end of the day to women’s shelters, food banks, etc., and think it’s awesome! I have heard of Freegans. I may have to check out some of their techniques!

  3. You can use a debit card on Amazon instead of a credit card. It works just the same, but it takes the money from your checking account instead of adding it to your credit card bill.

    • Thanks for the idea, but I’m not sure that using your debit card on line is a super good idea?

      • That’s true. I wonder if you could also try getting a visa gift card and using that if you really want to get something online?

      • Some banks will give you a temporary number to use online.

        We’ve had a few issues here and there, but since apparently even in-store purchases (see the Target debacle) aren’t safe, I’m not sure it matters if it’s online or in person. Just watch your statements carefully.

  4. paige says:

    When you turn in your coins at coinstar, you can choose amazon gift cards. I would love to know this local scource for discounted food.

  5. A pound of Italian sausage in a huge pot of lentils & veggies goes a long way. I need to get back to making pureed for Bethany because she has texture issues & is eating us out of house & home in jarred baby food.

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