Creating Your Child’s PERFECT Sensory Room

We are changing out bedrooms downstairs.

The 24 year old got married.


So the 19 year old is moving into her room

And the 22 year old is moving into the 19 year old’s room for the summer.

This leaves the teeny little storage room for me to use as a Preschool room for Parker.

I’ve spent the last few days trying to figure out the best way to arrange this new Preschool room

And then……disaster.

Well, not an actual disaster.  More of a disaster of the ‘but I want it’ variety.

Which on my budget spells disaster.

As I was spending Memorial Day afternoon cleaning the carpets in our basement,  (I know.  I’m a beacon fun, aren’t I) I kept thinking about how cool it would be to use some of this area for a sensory spot for Parker.  This winter was rough because Parker spent so much time being bored.

And I really need to figure out a way around that.


So…..come and help me daydream the perfect sensory room, k?  This way when Publisher’s Clearing House comes knocking at my door, I will be prepared!

I’ll add my ideas and you can add yours in the comment section below.


A Pirate Climb


A Disc Cushion



Pon Pon Ball

The kind you can buy at Toys R Us just haven’t held up for us.


Got a fidgeter?  FitBall Seating Discs


And then when I’ve finally worn a certain Brave Hero out……one of these for him to crash on!



Okay.  So maybe it’s got a very ugly Sims ad on it.  But seriously?  A giant Fatboy beanbag chair for $79.00?

Ah-mazing price.

These are just a few ideas.  We are going to hang a wiffle ball from the ceiling and give Parker a wiffle bat and let him go at it.  This one just one of the many great ideas one of you left in another post.


So.  I’ve shared my ideas.  You share yours!




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