Coughing and Hacking My Way

through the day………uh……last TWO weeks.

One of my kids told me I looked kind of like death warmed over. Geez, now if only I felt that good. If this is an indicator of the season to come, I think I’m in big trouble. My ears are plugged, my head is clogged, and every bone in my body has taken it’s turn aching.

And that my friends is why I am been AWOL in the blogging department.

Today though I girded up my loins, wrote out my very in depth shopping lists and made a run to Costco and Albertson’s. I do a ‘big’ grocery shopping trip just once a month and then I ‘cherry pick’ the sales here and there through out the month. Reed gets paid once a month and I’ve had to do this since we’ve been married. Although with the addition of six kids I’ve had to become very organized over the years. I make lists for breakfasts, lunches, dinner AND snacks. My kids know to ask before they get into anything to make sure it isn’t on the reserved list for a meal or Family Night treat. I shop with huge amounts of coupons neatly tucked away in my coupon binder. Yup. I use a huge three ring binder with baseball card holders to organize my coupons. I am a serious coupon user.

When I pushed my cart up to the check out lane at Costco’s I received the usual awe struck remarks about how they have NEVER seen ANYONE stuff so much food into one cart before. And I don’t just throw stuff in. I put each item into it’s exact spot, like things with like things each fitting into it’s place kind of like a jig saw puzzle. My technique also ensures that the cold stuff will get bagged (or boxed) together instead of my ice cream sitting on top of a still hot chicken from the deli. Sigh…….

So I spent a couple of hours breaking up big packages of stuff into smaller packages. Taking big cuts of meat and cutting them up into smaller sizes to use in various dishes. I put this month recipes in the front of my recipe binder, and then sat down with that great feeling that comes with a big job getting accomplished.

Next I need to get Parker’s bath and then I am going to bed. Well, after I fill up my humidifier, take a giant dose of vitamin C, and throw back my favorite night time cold medicine.

Anyone reading Eclipse? That’s what I’ll be drifting off to sleep with.

Sweet dreams!


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