Come Tuesday….

He’s starting to feel better.

Better is good.

Because Parker’s SED rate was twice what it should be he’ll still be heading in for a colonoscopy and endoscopy this Tuesday. While he’s there they are going to go ahead with the BRAVO too.

2012-06-28 07.57.34

A high SED rate is an indicator of inflammation and infection somewhere in Parker’s body. We need to find out where and what.

2012-06-28 07.57.37

The BRAVO will let us know if we can start pulling back on Parker’s PPIs.

We were hoping to get the ENT and Dental together all in one surgery, but that’s not going to work out.

PCMC wanted us to agree to having a Fellow perform these procedures with an Attending present. With Parker’s history I requested that only the Attending to any procedures. The Attending is someone familiar with Parker and I do feel good about that.

2012-06-28 07.57.39

Hopefully we can get everything fine tuned so that this winter will be a healthy one.


2012-06-28 07.58.04

It’s time for a few more smiles around here.

Lots more.


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