Clean Underwear

It’s the little things in life that make all of the difference. :)

I finally have a chance to sit down and take a moment’s break. Oh. Did I tell everyone that WE ARE HOME?!? Yup. Reed and I grabbed Parker and we ran like three bats out of hades and here we (finally!) are! I’m showered and nursing my newest batch of ginormous killer hives. But at least I smell good.

I have boxes and boxes of medical supplies that go with our latest medical technology that need to be put away. Suitcases and diaperbags that need to be emptied, washed and stored. I have a new Trache Station to set up. I’m overwhelmed, overtired but oh so thankful to be home. So, so thankful to be able to have Parker home with us again. I’m going to save the stress for tomorrow and just enjoy the blessing of tonight.

We have received many, many emails and requests asking about things that Parker needs. I feel greedy in making a list, but there have been so many people asking, especially about the portable sat monitor, so here goes:

First, PLEASE know that above all else the prayers that have been said and are still being said are the most beautiful of all gifts. I know I have said this before, but we believe so strongly in the power of prayer and have felt the power of the prayers that have been said for Parker.

1. The portable Pulse Oximeter that I have mentioned in former posts is a Nellcor OxiMax N-65. This isn’t a finger monitor. It uses the sensors that wrap around Parker’s foot. I’m not sure that Parker would stay still enough to use a finger version. I haven’t had time to price these out online, so I have no idea of the cost, etc.

I think our insurance is going to provide the liquid O2 tanks for our outings with Parker. At least there have been talks about it. :::::::::keeping our fingers crossed:::::::

2. Just the sight of a temperature probe that goes in the ear or one that goes under the arm has started sending Parker into total fits of despair. I know this sounds really strange, but it is true. We have been needing to hold Parker down while the other person checks his temp. So we have been thinking about looking into a thermometer that can either run across Parker’s forehead or can just be aimed in his direction.

3. Simply Thick in the Nectar consistency. This brand is per the orders of the GI specialist at Primary’s. Because we now know that Parker has been aspirating when he eats and drinks, we must add this thickener to all of the liquids he takes by mouth.

And finally: Because of Parker’s allergy to milk and milk products he will no longer be able to drink Pediasure. Remember how I used to moan about the cost of Pediasure? I wish I would have known how good we really had it. Imagine my total shock when I discovered that a FIVE DAY SUPPLY of the Neocate 1 Plus would now cost us ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLARS. Yeah. For less than a week’s supply. Dang good thing Parker is so incredibly cute, eh? lol!


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