Cheap Hand Soap

I’m always on the prowl for things that will save me money on items we use everyday.  Saving money is the next best thing to actually making money.   You know that whole a penny saved is a penny earned thing.

I was excited when my local Smith’s ran a deal on Herbal Essence shampoo.  The sale brought the price per bottle down to $1.79.  My $1.00 off coupons brought that price down to .79 cents a bottle.

So I purchased several.

I don’t plan on using this for shampoo though.

Nope, I plan on using it for hand soap.

Using cheap shampoo for hand soap is a great way to save money!

Yup.  You read that right.  Hand soap.  The ingredients aren’t all that different.  Plus, we are already in the habit of drying our hands and then using hand sanitizer any way.  (Yes, I’m an over achiever in this area.  Shoot me.)

Around these parts Soft Soap and it’s generic counter parts go on sale for 10 for $10.00.  Rarely I’ve seen it as low as .69 cents a bottle…… bottle MUCH smaller than my bottle of .79 on sale with a coupon Herbal Essence.

My stock piled Herbal Essence smells every bit as great as the stuff you can get at Bath and Body Works too.

We go through TONS of hand soap here.  The first thing I ask my kids when they get home is if they’ve washed their hands yet. (I make them wash for as long as it takes to sing the Alphabet song aloud.  heh. )  Finding a cheap way to fill up the soap bottles helps the budget go further!

PS: Pre-Parker my Mom and I had a handmade soap business. I loved making my own soap, but with Parker time no longer allows me to make my own soap.

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  1. You know, it cost us a bit to get the foaming soap dispensers up front, but since we mix liquid soap in a 1:1 or 1:1.5 ratio with water to use in them, we use a lot less soap overall, even with all the hand washing here….

  2. such a good idea!

  3. We have a mix of dispensers from a local department store chain and from Bath & Body Works. I have to say the BBW ones are more reliable and have lasted through more abuse.

  4. Great idea and I LOVE that dispenser in the picture! Where did you get it?

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