Charlie the Cockatiel

The last couple of weeks my oldest daughter and her husband have been staying with us while their new condo was being finished.  Along with my daughter and son in law came Charlie the Cockatiel.

I could never figure out why people chose birds as pets.  I mean they just kind of sat there eating and pooping, right?  Where was the appeal in that?

Little by little Charlie and I have gotten to know each other.  I discovered his great love for kale, buckwheat and having his spots scratched.   This little lump of feathers soon figured out he could own my heart simply by flying over to me, snuggling under my chin and making kissy noises.

A cockatiel

Charlie was grand company.  I was able to teach him to say ‘Charlie Bird‘, and was working to teach him how to say ‘Grandma’s my favorite!‘ right before his Mom and Dad took him home to his new condo tonight.

Charlie was one smart bird.  It took him all of 30 seconds to figure out that his fly zone should be as far away from Parker’s fingers as possible.

Charlie the Cockatiel

Helping me to edit yesterday’s post.

I already miss the little toad.  I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow when I walk into the family room and nobody flies over to sit on my head.

My kids promise that they’ll bring Charlie over every Sunday for dinner.  But I know it won’t be the same.

If this is what it’s like to have grandchildren, I’m not sure my heart will be able to take it.



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