‘Cause Parker Loves Books…..we need your help!

I spent many of my growing up years living in countries that had no *gasp* American television.  When we lived in Turkey my Dad always had the television on ……he liked the different test patterns we received from Cyprus.

Hey, some of us have more geek in us than others, what can I say?

To make up for the lack of sitcoms, my Dad started taking me to the Stars and Stripes bookshop on base each payday.  Books became my escape……and a life long love.

I can’t begin to count the times I’ve turned to books to teach myself about subjects of interest.  Herbs.  Gardening.  Bread making.  Child raising.  Special needs.

So, it was natural for me to turn to books to teach, entertain, and bring the world to a kid who can’t get out to enjoy it himself.

Reading Christmas books.

Reading with the Blue Eyed girl.

Using books to teach about Spring, Summer and Gardens!

Such a familiar scene at our house!

So it made perfect sense for McCall, Parker’s older sister, to enter our Brave Hero’s picture in Desert Book’s Christmas Photo Contest.

And we could really use your help.

We are in round one of the contest.  We need to have the most votes to win the weekly contest, and a $25.00 Deseret Book gift card.

THEN all of the weekly winners will compete for the Grand Prize…..a TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY dollar gift card to Desert Book.

A Brave Hero could really grow his library with that kind of prize.

Parker’s picture entitled, “Santa Makes A House Call”

To vote click on the Desert Book Christmas Photo contest link right here in this sentence.

This will take you to Desert Book’s Facebook Page.

On the left of this page you will see a link that reads  Photo Contest in bold letters.  Click on that to be taken to the pictures for you to vote on. 

Hopefully, Parker’s picture will be at the very top!  Either way, to vote for Parker’s picture click on the FIFTH star.  You’ll see FIVE stars.  If you click on the first one we get one point.  But clicking on the FIFTH star gives Parker FIVE points.  We have some pretty stiff competition so we need all the help we can get.

If we win the weekly contest then Parker’s picture will be entered into the GRAND PRIZE of $250.00 for books at Deseret Book.  We’ll need you help AGAIN then.  But first Parker’s picture has to win the weekly contest.

So, please vote!  You can vote daily!  Yup. Once a day!  Everyday until the weekly contest ends.

If we win I promise to post about it all…..right down to the books selected and pictures of Parker reading and using them in some literature based activities!


  1. LisaL Dec 4, 11
    • Tammy and Parker Dec 4, 11
  2. amy Dec 5, 11
  3. Chris Dec 5, 11
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