Cause I Wanna Be HER When I Grow Up

It’s no secret that I love everything coupon.   They are an excellent way to make sale prices even sweeter.

And even though I’ve scored a few grand deals of my own, I’ve never come anywhere near what this Mom has, with feeding her family of six on $4.00 a week! (Okay, her way of shopping might include a  lot more processed foods than I’d be comfortable with, but it is still a viable strategy to add to your arsenal.)

This girl has got herself some serious skillz:

Cheap Ways To Save On Meals

(The link above will take you to a YouTube spot with Diane Sawyer)

And if you are looking for a great site to help bring down your grocery bills and scoring the best deals around on just about everything,  I simply can’t recommend Pinching Your Pennies highly enough.


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