Dreaming of Growing Blueberries in Utah

I know that most blogs are posting words in hues of green and red and here I am talking about growing blueberries in Utah.  If you knew how long I’d been hoping to be able to score some whiskey half barrels for this project, you might under stand more.  The soil in my area has […]

Forget the back yard garden, we’ve got a jungle out there!

Tomato plants as tall as my chest. Gorgeous pepper plants churning out their goodness.  Cucumber plants that have taken over the joint.  Potato plants gone wild.  Forget the back yard garden, we’ve got a jungle  out there! I have a sink filled with tomatoes waiting for their turn in the dehydrator.  I’ve already flash frozen […]

Global Warming and Salsa Making

We are scrambling to get our salsa factory up and running.  We don’t usually begin salsa making until the end of August or the beginning of September.  I’m not sure if it is due to the fact that Utah just had the hottest July on record, or our new drip irrigation system, but we have […]

To all my friends that don’t garden….

To all my friends that don’t garden, I have just one question. Why? Freshly picked Arugula. Just off the vine strawberries and the season’s first tomato.  Work has begun to raise the funds to get Parker to Now I Can.org.  Parker’s Yard Sale is July 27th.  If you are Spring/Summer cleaning and have treasures you […]

Backyard Farming

I’m one of those people who, if I could. who get rid of the lawn and and spend my time backyard farming.  I figure if you are going to spend so much time watering, weeding, fertilizing, and mowing, you should have something to show that fills your pantry shelves too. Hey.  A girl can dream. […]


Spring.     It really is coming, right?