And then she said….

Wednesday was a pretty big day around here.  It was the day that we  share with others the damage done by using the r-word. Yes.  Even if you aren’t talking about Parker, that word stings.  Offends.  Hurts.  And makes you wonder why people are so set on keeping it in their vocabulary.  I hear all […]

Compulsory Abortion

At a time when many throughout the world are preparing to celebrate the birth of their Savior, it came as an even bigger jolt to read this headline in The Reporter, a UK newspaper:  Compulsory abortion for Down’s syndrome foetuses, says UKIP Kent candidate. His ideas, published on his website, state: “Consider compulsory abortion when […]

Advocating Against the R-Word.

Parker’s big sister, McCall has always been a huge advocate for ending the use of the R-word. It hasn’t been easy. Take for example, when on her high school softball team she asked a team mate to please not say the r-word. She was polite, explaining that her little brother had Down syndrome and using […]

Ann Coulter and the difference she COULD have made.

She used the r-word to describe the President. Then, when called on the carpet about it, stated that she hated all the political correctness in the world today, and that before you know it there would be an entire book of words you could no longer use. You would think that as someone who creates […]

Sticks and stones….I don’t care what the rhyme says, words DO hurt.

    Sticks and stones……I don’t care what the rhyme says, words do hurt.  Especially a word, when used, demeans another human being. Take the r-word for example.  A word that rolls off of so many tongues so easily, so carelessly, so thinking it’s funny. It’s not. Using the r-word reinforces  negative sterotypes about people […]

It’s not about Politics. It’s about CHARACTER.

    It has nothing to do with whether you are a Republican or Democrat. It has EVERYTHING to do with your character. I’m talking about those who make kids like Parker the butt of their jokes. Allegheny County’s GOP chair and former county executive Jim Roddey shared a joke at a recent political party. […]