Liquid Hope Giveaway Winners!

Woot!  I love giving stuff away!  And today Parker and I are announcing the meal replacement Liquid Hope Giveaway Winners! I took all the names, printed them off and then had Parker pick two out two.  I tried to get a picture to validate that the winners were chosen randomly, but holding the camera and… [Continue Reading]

Liquid Hope

Parker has had quite a few trips up to Primary Children’s lately.  One appointment we had been waiting months for was to the Intergrative Medicine clinic.  I’ve had some specific questions that only someone with an open mind concerning Blenderized Diets could answer.  Especially about Functional Formularies Whole Food Meal Replacement:  Liquid Hope. ( Stay… [Continue Reading]

Blenderized Diet Question

A blenderized diet is receiving more and more respect these days.  Instead of a hospital dietician giving you the stink eye when you mention that you create your kids formula, we’ve been met with nods of encouragement when we talk about Parker’s blenderized diet. I received a BD question the other day and I thought… [Continue Reading]

Global Warming and Salsa Making

We are scrambling to get our salsa factory up and running.  We don’t usually begin salsa making until the end of August or the beginning of September.  I’m not sure if it is due to the fact that Utah just had the hottest July on record, or our new drip irrigation system, but we have… [Continue Reading]

Granny Bread: A Homemade Bread Recipe

Around this joint all the grocery stores sell Granny Bread.  It’s soft, squishy, spongy white bread.  People love it.  I remember when you could buy it at the Day Old Store for a whopping .80 cents a loaf.  Then all the grocery stores got together to complain that they couldn’t match the Day Old Store… [Continue Reading]

Blenderized Diet and a g-tube fed kid.

I had to make a run to our local health food store today.  I needed to pick up a few essentials for Parker’s blenderized diet.  Goat milk.  Goat milk yogurt.  A not quite week’s worth of apples and oranges, a gallon on milk for my other kids and a bottle of distilled water. The cost?… [Continue Reading]