The end of the beginning of my blogging.

Blogging has changed since I first began this site about 8 years ago.  It started as a way to keep a journal of sorts about Parker’s life and add in a bit of advocacy as well.  As time has gone on bloggers have made pretty successful businesses from their blogs.  I enjoyed opportunities of working […]

Halloween Sensory Bin Activities

I love me some Halloween.  I think it’s because Halloween is October and I love both Fall and October.  I remember so well the excitement my kids brought to Halloween and I work to try and encourage that same excitement for the Brave Hero.  First on the list are Halloween Sensory Bin Activities! I started […]


I first used Oobleck when I taught science units on solids, liquids and gases. It was great fun to watch the kids eyes grow huge when they realized this was both a solid and a liquid depending on the pressure added to it. I made up a batch for Parker as a sensory and OT […]

Sensory Table Ideas……and Sanity

I see them all over Pinterest.  Sensory table ideas complied with such care as to be considered works of art.  Children playing happily with naught a grain of bird seed out of place.  That’s not always how it is at my house, which is why I finally went on a search of ideas to help […]

Coloring Lima Beans for Learning and Crafts

Usually, when people think of sensory boxes for children they think of colored rice.  Colored rice, lentils, birdseed are all items that work great in sensory boxes.  Today I’m going to show how to color lima beans for learning and crafts and  sensory boxes too! I found bulk lima beans at Winco for $1.48 a […]

Valentine Blessings

The owner of the littlest Hodson heart is starting to feel better.  Not great, but better.  I’ll take it. Happy Valentine’s blessings to us. There will be a party at school and I’m in charge of the treats, but I don’t think I’ll be taking Parker with me when I drop them off.  There’s still […]