Name Activities for kids with Special Needs

There comes such a sense of accomplishment when a child learns how to write their name.  That’s one of the reasons I persist in the perfection of Parker’s signature.  It’s really no longer a matter of IF the kid can write his name, but matter of WILL he’ll write his name.  Hard-headed Hodsons abound around […]

St. Patrick’s Day Educational Ideas

I am so thankful for talented people who willing share their hard work on their sites for people like me who home school a medically fragile kid at home.  Or any kid for that matter.  Anyway, welcome to our St. Patrick’s Day Educational Ideas Round-up!   3 has created a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day […]

September Sight Words

Let’s not talk about how it is almost the end of September.  It’s been a month, but I finally put together Parker’s September Sight Words. Parker’s sight words don’t fall under the same definition of typical site words.  Instead we use them as a way to introduce new vocabulary as he learns to identify and […]

A Sensory Rich Christmas Tree Craft

The Christmas Tree Farm, by Ann Purmell, is one of the new holiday reads here at Praying For Parker. And with a great new book, comes some great new sensory rich Christmas Tree crafts. The supply list is simple: green felt, a star, fabric glue, and these tinsel pom-poms. I found the Christmas Tree pattern […]

Home School Ideas for December

December is a big month in terms of homeschooling Parker.  I’m always searching for new home school ideas for December!   Not only do we work on the basics, I try to add in lots of fun holiday stuff, like great Christmas books. I replace our typical math manipulatives with December themed ones. Parker’s sight […]

Using plastic Easter Eggs to teach sight words.

So much of any holiday is out of Parker’s grasp considering that he isn’t able to eat by mouth. Let’s face it, food and holidays go hand in hand. Instead I try to incorporate the fun in other ways.  Like in sight word lessons. We are on a label everything kick over here. I followed […]