Ghosts in the House by Kazuno Kohara and an Extension Activity

I love this time of year.  I love bringing up the Halloween books and hanging out with Parker as we sit and read and read and read.  Today’s book extension activity is a fun book,  Ghosts in the House by Kazuno Kohara, and Parker has a fun extension activity to share too! Notice the colors […]

Name Activities for kids with Special Needs

There comes such a sense of accomplishment when a child learns how to write their name.  That’s one of the reasons I persist in the perfection of Parker’s signature.  It’s really no longer a matter of IF the kid can write his name, but matter of WILL he’ll write his name.  Hard-headed Hodsons abound around […]

St. Patrick’s Day Educational Ideas

I am so thankful for talented people who willing share their hard work on their sites for people like me who home school a medically fragile kid at home.  Or any kid for that matter.  Anyway, welcome to our St. Patrick’s Day Educational Ideas Round-up!   3 has created a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day […]

September Sight Words

Let’s not talk about how it is almost the end of September.  It’s been a month, but I finally put together Parker’s September Sight Words. Parker’s sight words don’t fall under the same definition of typical site words.  Instead we use them as a way to introduce new vocabulary as he learns to identify and […]

A Sensory Rich Christmas Tree Craft

The Christmas Tree Farm, by Ann Purmell, is one of the new holiday reads here at Praying For Parker. And with a great new book, comes some great new sensory rich Christmas Tree crafts. The supply list is simple: green felt, a star, fabric glue, and these tinsel pom-poms. I found the Christmas Tree pattern […]

Home School Ideas for December

December is a big month in terms of homeschooling Parker.  I’m always searching for new home school ideas for December!   Not only do we work on the basics, I try to add in lots of fun holiday stuff, like great Christmas books. I replace our typical math manipulatives with December themed ones. Parker’s sight […]