St. Patrick’s Day Educational Ideas

I am so thankful for talented people who willing share their hard work on their sites for people like me who home school a medically fragile kid at home.  Or any kid for that matter.  Anyway, welcome to our St. Patrick’s Day Educational Ideas Round-up!   3 has created a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day […]

Coloring Lima Beans for Learning and Crafts

Usually, when people think of sensory boxes for children they think of colored rice.  Colored rice, lentils, birdseed are all items that work great in sensory boxes.  Today I’m going to show how to color lima beans for learning and crafts and  sensory boxes too! I found bulk lima beans at Winco for $1.48 a […]

Learning Shape Words

  Parker knows his colors.  He knows his shapes.  What we’re working on now is learning shape words.  I decided to put together an activity that would review shapes and colors with learning shape words.   Nothing fancy here.  Just some foam shapes with their color words printed on them. Next I traced the shapes […]

Home School Ideas for December

December is a big month in terms of homeschooling Parker.  I’m always searching for new home school ideas for December!   Not only do we work on the basics, I try to add in lots of fun holiday stuff, like great Christmas books. I replace our typical math manipulatives with December themed ones. Parker’s sight […]

Using Light Tables to Engage the Special Needs Learner

My love of yard sales is nothing new.  I spend all winter long making lists of things I need to shop for during the summer…..all at rock bottom (and sometimes even free!) prices. One item on my list for this year was a light table for Parker.  I thought it was a long shot…..finding a […]