Communicating with my non-verbal kid.

I’ve changed things up with Parker’s communication invitations lately. They aren’t the the perfectly set up displays I once created. Instead I have a basket of toys that change every few days. They stay the way Parker last left them, awaiting his return and the next time we spend communicating.   Parker telling me via […]

Speech (or no speech) and the kid with special needs.

A Facebook friend posted this today: From your child with special needs: “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord to give me words to speak. But if they never come this way, let my mommy know everything will be ok. Boy, howdy, did this one hit home. I’ve been thinking of […]

Augmentative and Alternative Communication on the iPad

We’re upping our iPad game here at Parker’s house.   The goal? To have Parker participate in 200 daily communication invitations via his beloved iPad.  Yup. TWO HUNDRED.  Yeah, I know.  I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed myself. The question? Which ACC to go with. Right now we are using Tap to Talk.  I paid $100.00 […]