St. Patrick’s Day Educational Ideas

I am so thankful for talented people who willing share their hard work on their sites for people like me who home school a medically fragile kid at home.  Or any kid for that matter.  Anyway, welcome to our St. Patrick’s Day Educational Ideas Round-up!   3 has created a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day […]

Fireworks Craft and Fine Motor Activity

Is it hot where you live?  We are hitting 95 today, which for me translates into melting.  Parker doesn’t do well in the heat, so on days like today we have to get him outside early.  On today’s agenda?  A Fireworks craft and fine motor activity! I’m not sure what these balls are called.  Prickly […]

Two Ingredient Playdough Recipe

I love me a quick and easy playdough recipe.  This one meets all the requirements.  Plus, it is simple to put together AND it’s cheap.  How’s that for a perfect summer time activity? You’ll need: 1 can regular shaving cream.  (not the gel kind)   1 box of corn starch. liquid tempera paint (optional)   […]

Cake Mix Play Dough Recipe

I’m always looking for new sensory experiences for Parker.  It has taken years, but the kid finally appreciates a good play dough recipe.  Our latest adventure?  A Cake Mix Play Dough Recipe. I only had plain yellow cake mixes downstairs, however they were plain yellow cake mixes that I either snagged for free or .25 […]

Coloring Lima Beans for Learning and Crafts

Usually, when people think of sensory boxes for children they think of colored rice.  Colored rice, lentils, birdseed are all items that work great in sensory boxes.  Today I’m going to show how to color lima beans for learning and crafts and  sensory boxes too! I found bulk lima beans at Winco for $1.48 a […]

Montessori Inspired Snow Art Activities

What do a toilet paper roll, potato masher and a bit of big bubble wrap have in common?  They  all helped in our Montessori inspired snow art activities!   The snow found us yesterday.  All 14+ inches of it.  It began early in the morning and didn’t let up the entire day. I took Parker […]