Yard Sale Saturday!

My oldest daughter, Bailey and I are heading out for a couple of hours of hitting the yard sales.  She’ll be outfitting a new home soon and is looking for a few things.  I have my list in hand too! Yesterday I came across a box of wide mouth mason jars for .10 cents each.  […]

Yard Sale Scores

It’s finally turned yard sale season around here.  I have my list and I’ve been out a couple of times.  I’m being very picky.  Just because something is a great deal doesn’t mean you uh…..I….. need it. Now on to this week’s yard sale scores! I’m always on the look out for great deals on […]

Therapy Ideas for Children from Yard Sales

I’m a woman on a mission to provide Parker with things he needs to meet his sensory needs, as well as physical (gross motor) and occupational therapy (fine motor) needs. I’m going to be seeking out therapy ideas for children from yard sales and thrift shops. This is Parker’s healthy time of the year.  It’s […]

Defining Enough

Tuesday Parker, our nurse and I stopped by on the way home from his feeding therapy at Kid to Kid to see if the Little Tykes Rocking Horse  they had was big enough for our Brave Hero to add to his list of items we use to provide him with vestibular input. It was too […]

Make it Do or Do Without.

The final test in frugality for many is the ability to make it do, or do without.  When first beginning a frugal lifestyle, people tend to look at how much they save as their benchmark of success.  As time goes on the reality hits that even at 90% off, if it isn’t something you truly […]