Homemade Cleaner Recipe

I had a bit of a moment of panic  when I went to grab a few pictures of the ingredients of today’s homemade cleaner recipe and my camera wouldn’t work.  Could you hear me hyperventilating from where you are?  I wanted to cry and scream at the world.  Then it dawned on me.  Uh…..when was […]

Granny Bread: A Homemade Bread Recipe

Around this joint all the grocery stores sell Granny Bread.  It’s soft, squishy, spongy white bread.  People love it.  I remember when you could buy it at the Day Old Store for a whopping .80 cents a loaf.  Then all the grocery stores got together to complain that they couldn’t match the Day Old Store […]

Grocery Challenge

Rigel leaves to go into the MTC on August 28th.  Washington, Seattle will be where he will serve.  I’m actually gonna miss this kid.  Because families pay about $400.00 a month for what their Missionaries need while in the field, I’ve got to whittle our grocery budget down  about $150.oo a month. This is a […]

Defining Enough

Tuesday Parker, our nurse and I stopped by on the way home from his feeding therapy at Kid to Kid to see if the Little Tykes Rocking Horse  they had was big enough for our Brave Hero to add to his list of items we use to provide him with vestibular input. It was too […]

Stretching Ground Beef

With a recipe such as Chili or Tacos…..or even Lasagna I add a cup to a cup and a half of beans to every pound of browned ground beef. You can use any kind of beans.  Canned.  Homemade. Refried.  It doesn’t matter.  Today I used dehydrated pinto beans that I brought back to life.  This […]

Easy Biscuit Recipe Better Than KFC’s

At our house we refer to it as “Quickie Chickie”, that famous drive through chicken that comes home to you in the iconic red and white box.  Did you know that the very first Kentucky Fried Chicken was opened here in Utah?  Yup.  Biscuits and all. Speaking of biscuits, that was one of my most […]