Saving money by shopping clearance.

One of my favorite past times while waiting for Spring to (finally!) arrive is to shop the clearance at a few of my local stores.  I don’t go out of my way like some people or check daily, I can’t afford the gas that would cost.  Still, saving money by shopping clearance is one way […]

Make it Do or Do Without.

The final test in frugality for many is the ability to make it do, or do without.  When first beginning a frugal lifestyle, people tend to look at how much they save as their benchmark of success.  As time goes on the reality hits that even at 90% off, if it isn’t something you truly […]

Cheap Hand Soap

I’m always on the prowl for things that will save me money on items we use everyday.  Saving money is the next best thing to actually making money.   You know that whole a penny saved is a penny earned thing. I was excited when my local Smith’s ran a deal on Herbal Essence shampoo.  The […]

Combating Rising Food Costs

It never fails.  Each time I go grocery shopping I find that prices have gone up.  Again.  Rising food costs have made it absolutely necessary for me to revamp my Price Book. As Reed and I prepare for our next son to leave on an LDS mission, and as we work to figure out how […]

A Brave Hero’s First Day of School

Wednesday was Parker’s first official day of school. Well, kinda. He arrived at 10:30 and left at 11:30.  Yup.  One entire hour.  Considering Parker’s health, I think that’s pretty remarkable…..for me that is.  (ahem) We did all the usual first day of school stuff: The Traditional First Day of School in front of our front […]

What’s YOUR Grocery Budget?

I remember the first time that, as newlyweds, Reed and I went over $100.00 for groceries.   It was kind of a shock.  $100.00 was a LOT of money back in the days when dinosaurs roamed, even though in reality it was just $50.00 for to feed each of us for a month, along with things […]