Summertime at the Hodson’s

For a lot of people summer is a time of vacations, hanging out at the pool, and kicking back.  For me summer is a time for prepping my pantry.  Yeah, I’m some big time fun at parties too, I know.  To be honest I love the feeling of knowing I can go for a few […]

Dealing with Food Inflation

One of my big goals during the holidays is to stock up on all the great grocery deals.  Well, at least it was when there were great grocery deals during the holidays.  It was disappointing to see that turkeys never really went down to the low prices of previous years.  Each time my Mom and […]

Tamiflu, Puke and Fevers

It started when Reed told me Kenny was staying home from school because she had just puked.  Awesome sauce.  I can’t think of anything I love more than a day of praying everyone’s head winds up in the vicinity of the toilet when their guts come hurling up. But that’s not all the morning had […]

Keep Calm, It’s Only Christmas

My parents tell a story that helps  me to put Christmas in perspective.  Both of  my parents grew up in conditions of poverty.  My Grandmother candled eggs for a living to provide for my mother.  My father grew up in a house without running water.  He and his sisters were later put in an orphanage.  […]

Simply Preparing

Parker and I are over at Simply Preparing today talking about pressure canners for canning  fruits, veggies, meats, etc.  No longer is canning just for the summer and fall months.  You can work on filling your pantry with healthy, inexpensive food all year long.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, wouldn’t it be amazing to […]

Over at Simply Preparing Today

Parker and I are over at Simply Preparing today.  Well, actually I’m sitting here in the Family Room of Now I Can while Parker is in the Small Heroes room with two therapists stretching him out.  Parker’s chewing these guys out big time for turning him into a human pretzel with a few signs of […]