Can You See Us Now?

I had such grand plans for the unveiling of this blog’s new look.

And then as soon as the re-do was done, I came down with the plague.


Cause I’m lucky like that.

I love the clean, crispness of the new design. I’m hoping to fill up those little boxes on the right with button ads. The revenue from which will go towards keeping our Brave Hero alive.

Keeping our Brave Hero alive pretty much tops our list of goals over here.

The reason for my blogging will never change though. My passion is showing the world that a kid with special needs is first and foremost a kid. And the value of my kid’s life is no less than the value of any other kid’s life.

You’d be surprised to know that there are many, and I mean many, who would disagree. Kinda like Obama’s new Science Czar.

I sat in on a conference call with Senator Orrin Hatch this evening. Sen. Hatch and my Dad once spent hours debating the Viet Nam war. A war my Dad served in and brought home a purple star and a couple of silver and bronze stars as well.

Listening to Senator Hatch talk about this new health care reform is a bit nervous making. I listen and read as people talk about this new health care plan sealing the fate of our country’s aging population.

As if the number of doctors no longer accepting Medicare isn’t doing the job already.

I worry about the health care that will be available to Parker. Parker’s coverage via our private insurance won’t last a whole lot longer. I left a message for Senator Hatch asking this very same question since I wasn’t able to ask during the teleconference.

Apparently my name was below the bottom of the list.

I worry if the powers that are drafting this new plan will be friendly towards the medically fragile and those special needs.

The amount of money being poured into abortions makes me wonder.

Will a Mom receiving a new diagnosis for their unborn child be pressured to abort? Because it will be too expensive for the government to allow their child the right to be born?

Have I ever told you that I believe that Parker’s life is worth every bit as much as any other child’s?

Because I do.


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