Parker has decided that his preferred means of communication is throwing things.

Tick him off? Whop! There goes a wooden dinosaur right up the side of Dad’s head.

Don’t read him a book at the exact moment he makes the request? Bing! That book suddenly bounces off your nose.

After a few go arounds with this behavior, Parker found himself in his crib for a nap.


Which is pretty much the Universal Mama Language for ‘I’ve had enough of a little boy who refuses to use his signs to communicate.’

Here’s hoping Parker got my message.

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  1. Parker I don’t think throwing things is going to get you the response you are wanting, gotta use those signs.
    In our house it was screaming that was the attempted form of communication for a short time(Junior can’t use his arms or I am sure he would have joined Parker in tossing things).

  2. Oh Dear . . . Parker is just like all of the other kids in the world. Fits when things don’t go HIS way! Praise God!

  3. That little stinker. Hopefully he learns mommies lesson.:)

  4. What an adorable pout he has! Good for you for setting the limits. I’ve heard from many people that often children with DS try to get away with things because they can manipulate with their charm so I’ve been told to always treat Joaquin the way I treat my other kids and to use good discipline. So good job Mom!

  5. Isn’t it FABULOUS that Parker has the strength to huck those toys? Gotta think of it as OT. I’ll bet his aim is getting better, too.

  6. Chris says:

    Wait till he starts flinging his diaper at ya! ;)

  7. Didn’t some research study say to feed french fries for that kind of behavior? No? Or was the other way around – french fries CAUSED that behvior. I forget which. hehe.
    (smiling at his pouty face)

  8. Jean Peters says:

    From being around my friends kids, this is pretty normal behavior. The university language of kids (LOL).

  9. Oh Parker. You little stinker. You still are so cute even with the pout lip.

  10. He is the cutest thing. How do you keep a straight face while dodging flying objects? You’ve done well.

  11. Love! That! Face!

  12. Suzie says:

    LOL – I love the picture. The kiddo has spunk – good for him!

  13. Hee Hee. Normal kid. Normal Mom.

  14. Oh Parky!!! Your so cute!! I wish I could come and visit Parky, I would gladly get hit in the head for just one hug from that sweet little guy! But I totally understand you are frustrated! My son PEED in his play kitchen’s sink this morning!!! UGGGHHH!!! LOL!

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