Hi, it’s Parker, your favorite Brave Hero.

Yeah,  I know that my Mom usually does all the blogging.

But today she says it’s kind of hard to write when she is looking at the world through the fog of yet another sleepless night.

Seems as if when I don’t go to sleep until 2:00 a.m., neither can she.

Who knew?

I don’t understand her problem, though.

Cause my tail?  It’s totally bright and bushy.

I’m thinking today is a grand day for bouncing off a wall or two.

How about you?


  1. mum2brady Feb 16, 10
  2. Tammy & Parker Feb 16, 10
    • Tammy & Parker Feb 16, 10
  3. valmg
    Feb 16, 10
    • Tammy & Parker Feb 17, 10
  4. Tami Lewis Feb 17, 10
    • Tammy & Parker Feb 17, 10
  5. Barbara
    Feb 18, 10
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