I am so weary of hospital calls wanting to be paid NOW. My day can be moving along in such a swell way and then, “Whack!” I get hit upside the head from yet another demand.

These guys are pretty sneaky too.

My caller ID doesn’t show, billing office….major witch sweet lady who is only concerned for our child’s health on the other end of the line. It simply shows University Of Utah Hospitals. So I don’t know if it is a doctor, someone calling me back in regards to an appointment…..or that afore mentioned witch…….er… sweet lady.

Today’s experience was concerning a doctor that took care of Parker last summer. He was a great doctor. BUT what we didn’t know is that he was a University of Utah doctor…..not an IHC doctor.

Both my insurance company and Primary Children’s Medical Center fall under the umbrella of IHC. And my insurance doesn’t want to pay for a UVU doctor. AND LIKE HOW WERE WE TO KNOW THAT WHEN THIS GUY WORKS AT PCMC? Hello? PCMC assigns doctors to a patient.

So now we fight our insurance because since they and PCMC are owned by IHC, we don’t feel as though it is our fault that THEY hired a doctor that THEY won’t pay for.

We’ve been fighting. After mind numbing hours of research I know that we are right. So we hold out.

My insurance then requests notes and more info from The University Of Utah Health Care system to make sure that what they say this doctor did, he did. They request notes from PCMC too.

Heavens knows it should only be us that takes it in the shorts and not the powers that be at IHC. Cause that might affect their Christmas bonuses or something.

Months later our insurance company has yet to receive requested info. And we get the call from the witch sweetly concerned lady on the other end of the line wanting payment. Now.

Cause if we do pay now and then our insurance pays out too, they will be sure and reimburse us. Scouts honor.

Yeah. And I bet they have some prize swamp land to sell me if I’m interested.

I know that without a shadow of a doubt these hospital billing centers are writing off hundreds of thousands of dollars of bills a day. They forgive those bills and then reach into their stash of donated monies to pay themselves back.

Unfortunately it would take way more than a miracle to for us to get that kind of help.

Who knew that Reed holding a job would cause us so much grief. Cross the border illegally or refuse to hold a job or not have insurance coverage….and bingo!….problem solved.

What were we thinking?

Sometimes I wish that these not for profit hospitals would remember who is really at the heart of matter:


The brave and beautiful children whose parents are simply trying to do what any parent would do:

Keep their child alive.

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  1. Sarah says:

    We had this problem too, with IHC, because when my daughter was at LDS in the NICU she had a growth on her gums that a dentist had to remove. So one from PCMC came, but technically he was from the U. It wasn’t too hard, though, once I explained A. we were assigned the guy, we didn’t have the choice and no we couldn’t take our preemie baby to a dentist to have the growth removed. Sorry they are being a Pain in the rear for you guys. And yes you are absoltuly right, it shouldn’t matter, since it was done at PCMC, for pete sake.

  2. Again, I’m so sorry. You keep on doing your best to take care of that sweet one, and let the finance people just wait. Maybe you should try letting Parker talk to them on the phone. They’ll get tired and hang up pretty soon, don’t you think?

  3. Bill collectors… gotta love em.

  4. What a mess. I’m so sorry. My husband works for a hospital and he informed me that every hospital has to give X amount of free care every year. Yet they don’t publish that little bit of info.

    You’re right. Just hang in there and keep fighting.

  5. We had that happen to us too. It was insane and frustrating since we had no choice really in who saw Evan. It was not like we could go around quizzing every person that even touched him to see if they were on our insurance plan or not.

    Oddly enough we had the opposite problem too. An out of network doc saw Evan and so the insurance company sent us the money to pay the doctor’s bill only we were never sent the bill. We had to track the person down and practically force the money in their hands. I had never thought that we would ever have to do something like that and it was so very tempting to keep the money since it was obviously not missed.

  6. Katie says:

    Dear Parker,
    Sometimes, hospitals are dummyfaces. They want to be paid lots and lots of money for taking care of you. They forget sometimes that saving the lives of awesome little dudes like yourself is an honor and a priviledge and that money should be secondary to your health and happiness. However, there are bunches of people who love you and who are cheering for you. Money cannot buy this. Really, that hospital? They are just jealous that they are not as cool as you. Seriously. Strut your stuff.

  7. yup. blockheads for sure!! THEY DONT GET IT!!
    Love that picture!

  8. That is one job I would not want…a bill collector. They are just doing their job, but it is not an honorable position. I surely wish they would leave you guys alone.

  9. I vote for putting Parker on the phone too … and sending tons of the cutest tooshie pictures inside the bill envelopes instead of any checks. Hold on to your hat mommy … I know you’re excited about having him up and using his running shoes … can’t wait to see a picture of that.

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