Blame it on the Weather

I allowed myself to get a bit frustrated at something I had no business getting frustrated at today. I’ve always been an advocate of children…..all children……being able to have access to good health care.

And today I looked past the face of a child and allowed the frustration to take over.

I could blame it on having showed up at PCMC early this morning only to discover that Parker’s appointment was actually in Riverton.


I could blame it on this weird funk I’ve been cycling through that’s a mix of the stinkin’ left overs from my date with Bells Palsy, or even the gray weather I’m more than done with.

I could blame it on the worry I can never seem to get the better of.

But the reality of it all is that the fault resides within me.

This especially hit home as I watched coverage of all that is going on in Japan and those who were turning their hearts towards others. Those who volunteered to stay in the danger zone and help deal with the nuclear reactors. Those who instead of filling their carts with all they could, took only what they needed so that there would be some left for the ones who would come later.


Wake up calls are good. Although the feeling of shame of needing one at all is a bit uncomfortable, even if the point you were trying to make wasn’t the one that you actually wound up making

I need to remember I can be passionate about something without coming across as  demeaning another.

We’re all in this together. I need to remind myself of that more often.


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    Mar 15, 11
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