Black Friday: Hodson Style



We don’t do Black Friday around these joints.


We have our own take on the day.

There’s the cleaning up that has to be done after the cleaning up I already did.


Anticipation for a ride outside!  My parents gave Parker this great wagon for his birthday!


Reed pulls up all the dead flowers, does a final weeding, rakes up the leaves, and puts everything into the garden.


Along with the remains of the jack ‘o lanterns, everything gets one last appointment with the rototiller.  Composting has turned our plain dirt into black gold.


A final mow and one last lick of fertilizer and the lawn is ready for a long winter’s nap.


Can’t forget the decorating.  Before Parker I didn’t start decorating for Christmas until at least a week into December.  Post-Parker I get the decorations up on Black Friday.  One never knows when a certain Hero will wind up in the hospital.  ‘Tis the season, don’t you know.

I usually just stick stuff up in the general area I want it to go.  Then I spend the next few days tinkering until I get it all just right.

This picture is pre-tinkering.  I still need my beaded garland…….once I remember which box I stored it in from last year..sigh.

This year I had to decide if I wanted t actually decorate the tree, or just leave it au natural.  Then I thought maybe I’d just decorate it half way down.  The reason?  A certain Brave Hero who likes to swipe the ornaments and hide them in the air vents.  Or Reed’s shoes.  I’m thinking a few tree trimmings took a trip down the toilet last year too.

That’s pretty much the day after Thanksgiving here at our humble abode.

What’s it like at yours?  Anyone snag some great deals while out shopping?  Anyone else stay home and ready their home for the Holiday?

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    Nov 29, 12
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