Belly Button Contemplations

When Parker was born he weighed less than five pounds. After surgery to create a stoma he lost several ounces. He even swam in his premie clothes.

Gaining weight has never been one of Parker’s strong points.

But I can tell that we are making at least some progress. And my means of measuring this progress isn’t just by sitting Parker on a scale.

It is by looking at his belly button! Seriously! When Parker was born everyone thought that his belly button was an ‘outie.’ I mean you could see his belly button sticking out of his clothes even. Since he has put on more weight his ‘outie’ has now become an ‘innie.’

Now, I know you are thinking that I have waaaay too much time on my hands. But I know better. One of the things that Parker has taught me is how incredibly important it is to take the time to be thankful for and rejoice in the little things.

Even Belly buttons

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