We’ve had to drag out the big guns.  The output of Parker’s nose has become dire and wiping simply isn’t going to take care of it.

We attach this seemingly innocent little piece of plastic to Parker’s regular suction machine that we use to suction out his trach.

trach suction machine

Think of it as a high powered vacuum cleaner for a kid’s nose.

It takes as many as three of us to hold our Brave Hero still enough to do the deed, but it’s so much better than having to use a tissue every 30 seconds.

I’m not sure if this is just a cold, allergies, or a sinus infection.  This kind of stuff seems to always come up this time of year.  Parker has several buddies in the PICU right now fighting end of the year viruses.

I’ve upped the water and probiotics in hopes of not needing to see the doctor.  Although I’ve got a feeling we’ll be calling in for an appointment tomorrow morning anyway.

We have an important Cardiologist visit next Monday.  What Parker’s EKG looks like will determine whether or not he heads back into the cath lab.

I’m working on my faith.


I’m striving to Believe that all will be well.


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