Because You Can Never Spend Too Much Time In The ER…

Saturday Night:


Parker’s O2 sats drop.
Fever spikes.
Ice packs and Moltrin bring temp down to 103.
One Sick Brave Hero.

Sunday Morning:


Fever still high.
Sats still low.
Coughing so hard he begins to dry heave.
Blood from trach and g-tube.
Pedi office tells us to go straight to PCMC.
Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.00

We walk into the ER at PCMC.
You know you are a medically fragile Rock Star when you walk into an ER and people know your name.

We grab a seat in the hallway because the waiting is full of sick kids. We prefer not to bring home any surprises with us.


RT comes to check Parker out. Tells us that the doctor will see us sooner rather than later.

Three hours and we finally we see a doctor.

But to help make the time go by faster, the married couple behind the curtain next to us decide to have a rip-roaring verbal exercise in abuse. Write down a few new words we hear in order to look up their meaning later.

Snot is removed from both Parker’s trach and nose. X-rays taken.

You know you have spent way too much time in radiology when you are able to look at your kid’s lung x-rays and know that something is wrong.

Doctor comes in to tell us that Parker is sick. Really. Sick.

Reed and I look at each other and both wonder where this guy went to medical school.

Doctor tells us Parker either has a viral infection or a bacterial pneumonia. He gives us the ‘I really think you may be screwed, but I don’t want you to freak out on me’ look as he tells us that the viral panel being run on Parker’s snot includes the H1N1 virus.

Or, it may be bacterial pneumonia. In which case you are really, really, screwed.

Doctor sends us home with scripts for both powerful antibiotic AND Tamiflu. You know, in case it is that virus. Instructs us to call exactly two hours later for snot test results.

Call exactly two hours later.

Tests results have yet to return from the lab. ER tech asks if I am sure we had the tests ran at that ER.

Phone rings at midnight to give us the good news that while Parker is really sick, it is only the garden variety crap.

So our chances of Parker making that final trip down the drain are significantly less. Unless he starts to turn blue. Then we are back to screwed.

But if his bacterial panel comes back showing pneumonia we are really, really, really screwed.


Yup, life here is pretty crappy right now. Hope it’s much better where you are.


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