Because It Changes Everything

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Did you know that I don’t just write here?

Yup, I write for other blogs.

And I didn’t even have to beg them.  They invited me.  heh.

I wanted to share with you a post I wrote for The Homeschool Post. In this post I talk about the last two weeks of waiting while lowering one of Parker’s pulmonary hypertension meds because his liver function panels had been going up.

I share something I’m ashamed to admit.  Something that I’ve been working to overcome.

Read the comments too.  They share some amazing love and insight.

I’ve always tried to be very transparent and honest on this blog.  Not for the pity, mind you.  But for the opportunity to show the amazing things that can be learned and overcome when you have a kid like Parker leading the way.

Because It Changes Everything.

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