Because I’m Tired Of The Hurry

When did life’s value become all about how much can be shoved into a single day?

Modern wisdom tells us that not only does he who dies with the most toys win; but she who can multi-task the most balls with the cleanest house, the most intensely designed meals, all while looking nothing less than perfect, is the one to aspire to be like.

It’s all about what others think of you, even if deep within where nobody can see, you are miserable trying to keep the mirage afloat.

We lament that life is too short, while trying to shove more of the meaningless into an already full schedule.

I want to slow down.  Enjoy the moment and be grateful for it.  Take less is more to heart.

I miss making bread.  Turning out handmade meals from simple, wholesome ingredients.  The joy of sitting around a table with the ones I love.

I miss indulging in the wonder that is all around me. I’m learning that without nurturing and encouragement, wonder tends to disappear from view.

I want to take the time to create. I love the idea of taking something old and repurposing it  Giving it new life in a new role. While using very little, if any, money.

I have a sewing machine.  I want to learn how to create with it.  It’s going to take time.  But interestingly enough, I believe that by simply slowing down I can find that time.  Encourage that creativity that I know dwells somewhere inside of me.

And hopefully repurpose my heart as well.


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