Batman Wears Underwear: Potty training my child with special needs.

I have it on the most trustworthy authority that Batman wears underwear.  You may have never taken the time to wonder if the Dark Knight went commando or not, but at our house it’s important.  See, Batman undies are the first  to ever be worn by our very own Brave Hero.  Maybe the Blue Eyed Girl’s great love for the Caped Crusader that has worn off on Parker.  Who knows?  I’m just thankful that potty training is looking like a  reality.

Batman wears underwear

Potty training Parker has been a looong road.  The kid would start to get the gist getting his waste in the potty and then he’d get sick.  We’d have to start all over again.  Or he’d start to make progress and his ulcerative colitis would go into a flare.  We’d have to wait for the flare to heal and then start all over again.

Potting training with Ulcerative Colitis includes belly pain, multiple bowel movements a day, and lots of gas.  Adults often have trouble making it to the bathroom in time during flares.  It’s hard to understand   unless you’ve spent a day in those panties yourself.

You can see why even a little bit of success in the potty training area is case for huge celebration.

I’ve read so many books on the subject of toilet training, researched so many motivational ideas and reward systems.  Bottom line for us has been these very simple strategies:

1.  Consistency is key.  You can’t go into this half a*sed.  (heh.)   We started by taking him to the bathroom every half an hour.  We slowly increased time between bathroom visits.  We do this from the time Parker wakes up to the time he goes to bed.

2.  We learned Parker’s ‘cues.‘  Parker is non-verbal.  He knows the sign for ‘potty,’ but isn’t one to come to me and sign it.  Instead, he’ll stand out side the bathroom door and look at me.  If we aren’t at home, he’ll grab the front of his pants to get my attention.

3.  We sing Parker’s Potty Song.  Parker is a creature of habit.  He has a song for brushing his teeth.  He has a song for the start of his daily lessons.  We sing to signify a transition from one activity to another.   It just made sense to have our own potty song.

4.  We celebrate.  We make a HUGE deal out of even the smallest amount of pee.  We’ve been known have a little dance party right in the bathroom, even cracking open a glow stick or two.

batman undies

It may turn out that Parker will still require a Malone Procedure.  I’m realistic enough to accept that as a possibility, after we’ve exhausted all other avenues.  Either way, I’m loving the feeling of pride Parker glows with as his success with toileting.

How is potty training going at YOUR house?  What has worked the best for you and your child?

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