Backyard Farming

I’m one of those people who, if I could. who get rid of the lawn and and spend my time backyard farming.  I figure if you are going to spend so much time watering, weeding, fertilizing, and mowing, you should have something to show that fills your pantry shelves too.

Hey.  A girl can dream.

A back yard farm

While we won’t be transforming our backyard to a mini-farm, we are taking several steps to increase what we grow ourselves as we continue our backyard gardening.  The uber sale price right now is $1.28 for a teeny little container of strawberries that Rigel could inhale in less than 5 minutes.

Watching my ever bearing strawberry plants coming awake from their winter’s nap reminds me that our strawberries will be free and plentiful.

strawberry plants


As a matter of fact having our own source of strawberries last summer was so wonderful that we plan on doubling our strawberry plot this year.

We added two raspberry bushes and a black berry bush last year.  I have room for two more raspberry bushes and one more blackberry bush.  It won’t be long until we no longer need to purchase these berries again.

blueberry plants

Our blueberry bushes aren’t doing as well as I had hoped they would.  I really don’t have the space for them to grow they way they need to.  So I’m thinking of giving these bushes to my parents who have 5 acres of land and replacing them with an asparagus bed.  I often pass up fresh asparagus simply because of it’s price. It would be so nice to have my own little source of this Spring veggie.

I took a deep breath and really evaluated our garden this year.  I love growing pumpkins, but they take up so much room that what else we are able to have enough space to grow is limited.

herb garden

So Reed pulled out half of my herb garden.  I’m still in shock that he did this.  But the space will be perfect for a few bush type pumpkin plants, and we’ll have extra room this year to grow more green beans, potatoes, and other types of winter squash.

I’m excited to can our home grown, organic potatoes in chicken broth and use them for mashed potatoes  and quick dinner side dishes.  I just need to check my local county extension office for the proper amount of time and pressure to can them safely.

I’ll still have a part of my herb garden to grow my favorite herbs, Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, and Oregano. In between my herb plants I’ll tuck in some color by way of Zinnas, Snap Dragons (which in my area reseed themselves each year!), and Cosmos plants.

I love going to the grocery store and walking right past so many items that I used to have to purchase, but can now either make or grow myself.   It’s kind of a fun feeling knowing that we are being as self sufficient as we can and keeping as much of our hard earned cash in our pockets as possible.

fixing a cinder block wall

Reed took the plunge this year and changed our garden’s watering system from overhead to drip irrigation.  He’s wanted to do it for years.  At $200.00 it was a bit of a investment, but it will mean less weeds and hopefully, a much lager harvest.

Many of our cinder blocks that outline our garden have given up the ghost and are cracking and crumbling.  Reed’s hoping his repair work using some anchor cement and other stuff will tide us over a few more seasons.  It’s look pretty good, I think.

What will you be planting in your gardens this year?  Are you making any changes in your gardens?

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