Tammy and Parker

Special Needs Blogger, and homeschooling Mom, heavily involved in advocacy for all kids with special needs in Utah.

Saying hello to my child with Down syndrome

I get it.  People get nervous around kids with special needs.  We don’t want to offend.  We don’t want to feel awkward.  Sometimes it’s just easier to keep our distance.  It really isn’t hard though,  moving out of this particular safety zone.  It can be as simple as saying ‘hello’ to my child with Down […]

How to use doTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil….and a Giveaway!

I thought it would be fun to start 2015 off with a fun giveaway!  Parker and I will be giving away one 5ml bottle of doTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil.  All you need to do to enter is tell us why you want to win in the comment section below!  Easy!  We’ll pick a winner […]


Each January I choose a word that is going to be my word for the next 12 months.   I’ll write lists of them and then scratch through them as I try to find just the right one to make my focus of the new year.    I almost decided on the word renaissance.  You know,  as […]

doTERRA Frankincense Essential Oil

I wanted to share a bit of information for ways to use doTERRA Frankincense Essential Oil.  There’s a reason why it’s called the’ King’ of essential oils!  My favorite use?  Anxiety!  I simply put a drop of this beautiful Frankincense, rub my hands together, and inhale!   So calming! Enjoy!      

Yes, you can homeschool your child with special needs!

I’m meeting more and more parents of kids with special needs who are considering the idea of homeschooling.  But that’s as far as they get.  When push comes to shove they each end up feeling that there is no way you can homeschool your child with special needs. I’m here to tell you that isn’t […]

doTERRA Essential Oils: Tammy’s Tips

Yup.  Parker and I became doTERRA wellness advocates in order to get our essential oils for wholesale.  What can I say?   I’m allergic to paying full price for anything.  heh.   I thought is would be fun to start a series of posts called doTERRA Essential Oils:  Tammy’s Tips.  Because I’m loving all the ways I’m […]