Augmentative and Alternative Communication on the iPad

We’re upping our iPad game here at Parker’s house.


The goal?

To have Parker participate in 200 daily communication invitations via his beloved iPad.  Yup. TWO HUNDRED.  Yeah, I know.  I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed myself.

The question?

Which ACC to go with.

Right now we are using Tap to Talk.  I paid $100.00 for a 1 year plan that comes to an end next month.

What I’m wondering:

Would a life time membership with Proloquo2Go be a better option.?

Has anyone used TouchChat?

I’ve been told that Tap to Talk now offers a forever membership for $179.00.  And it looks as though Proloquo2go forever memberships are running $189.00 via iTunes Aps.


Still expensive.  And Alpine School District won’t pay a cent towards any ACC for Parker even with his Home and Hospital status.   

I’m going to send out a few letters to the creators of these aps in hope that they might be willing to work together on a review giveaway.

Parker’s biggest needs with an ACC is ease of use and being able to add his own pictures.  And it needs to be easy for his Mama to upload new things on.  Parker’s Mama isn’t known for her tech sauvy.  Just sayin’.  Let’s face it, my life is busy enough without having to spend all kinds of frustration trying to upload a new word. 

I’d love to hear from YOU:

What ACC is your child using?   What are the pros and cons?  Price?  Would you purchase again?


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